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Strong vocals with rhythmic acoustic guitar and insightful lyrics. Unique yet familiar, RC has a spot-on signature sound that far surpasses your expectations in any atmosphere.


Writing music as long as he can remember, his first album debuted when he was 16. His most recent solo work marks the start of doing his own recording, mixing and mastering in his home studio, really taking control of his sound as an artist.


In addition to being a seasoned entertainer, Mr. Thomas holds a bachelor of science degree in Music Education from New York University. He is the current music director at Heronfield Academy on the NH Seacoast.

"My solo sound is what I would classify as folk/rock, mixing the feel, style and subject matter of folk with the energy and instrumentation of rock and roll. I love both worlds and have played in each genre at different times of my life.

I continuously strive to create and express music through whatever avenue I can. It keeps me connected to what I love. Thanks for listening. I hope you enjoy the music."

-RC Thomas

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